Relatient CTO, Kevin Montgomery to Speak Alongside Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s Lead Software Architect, Jonathan Minson at HIMSS 2020 Global Health Conference & Exhibition

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Update: The Essential Conversation, “Achieving Patient Engagement in a Mobile-First Market” will be part of the content available through HIMSS20 Virtual. We will post a link here when the recording is available. 

Relatient is also hosting an additional webinar, also in coordination with Oklahoma Heart Hospital, that incorporates the changes required of patient engagement during and after COVID-19, including strategies and best practices. Register here. 

Orlando, Florida February 27, 2020

Relatient, a leader in patient-centered engagement software, announces CTO, Kevin Montgomery, as a speaker alongside Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s Lead Software Architect, Jonathan Minson, at HIMSS20. Montgomery and Minson will present on the shift in the healthcare industry regarding patient engagement, and how Relatient and Oklahoma Heart Hospital partnered to drastically improve patient-provider communication and outcomes.

“With technology constantly evolving and streamlining processes, the healthcare industry is shifting under the pressure to make provider access instant and intuitive,” said Kevin Montgomery, CTO of Relatient. “At HIMSS, Jonathan Minson and I will speak on best practices for driving patient engagement, improving transparency, and opening a digital front door for patients. Oklahoma Heart Hospital has its own story to offer in this regard, including how they save almost one million dollars annually as a result of their patient engagement initiative.”

As other industries have opened their digital front doors, patients now expect providers to be easily accessible to schedule an appointment, receive lab results or make payments; and it’s up to healthcare systems to respond to these expectations.

Montgomery and Minson will address the gap between what patients anticipate from their providers and the current state of ambulatory healthcare, industry dynamics that either damage or benefit patient engagement, Oklahoma Heart Hospital’s success in strategy for driving patient engagement, as well as other learning objectives.

“Oklahoma Heart Hospital was a pioneer in digital technology when we first opened our doors 20 years ago”, said Jonathan Minson, Lead Software Architect of Oklahoma Heart Hospital. “We’ve long been aware of the increasing expectations of patients and the demand this places on healthcare systems. I’m excited to discuss how Oklahoma Heart Hospital has met this challenge by improving the patient experience while still creating greater operational efficiency.”

Montgomery and Minson will present at HIMSS20, located at the Orange County Convention Center, room W303A on Thursday, March 12 at 1 p.m.

Relatient is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes a modern and mobile-first approach to improve patient and provider communication. The company was recently named the 2020 KLAS Category Leader in patient outreach.

About Relatient 
Relatient, Inc., the 2020 KLAS Category Leader in patient outreach, is a SaaS-based patient-centered engagement company that utilizes a modern and mobile-first approach to improve patient and provider communication. On behalf of U.S. medical practices and health systems, Relatient engaged patients with more than 132 million messages in 2019. Relatient’s platform integrates with over 85 practice management systems and electronic health databases to drive operational efficiency, appointments and reviews, reduce no-shows, speed patient payments, and improve patient satisfaction, all while supporting health and care quality initiatives. For more information, visit

About The Oklahoma Heart Hospital 
The Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) is a physician-owned hospital dedicated to providing excellence in quality and healthcare. Designed by cardiologists, OHH empowers cardiovascular specialists to bring world-class medical expertise and compassion to the care of every patient. OHH is the first of its kind in Oklahoma, the first all-digital hospital in the United States and has repeatedly been ranked first in the nation for patient satisfaction scores. OHH has two primary locations in the OKC metro — the North and South hospital campuses — as well as a network of more than 70 cardiovascular specialists at more than 60 clinic and hospital locations across the state. OHH remains at the cutting edge of advancements in heart health as one of the largest cardiovascular research sites in the nation. For more information about OHH, visit

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