This Medical Billing Duo Is Disrupting The 30-60-90 Day Billing Cycle, Here’s How

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Deliverables: Higher revenue and patient collections •  Faster A/R cycle • Reduced costs 

Results: 15% increase in revenue • 20% decrease in A/R days • Reduced incoming patient call volume • Seamless billing for patients and providers 

Paper statements get lost in the mail, patients don’t know the bill has arrived, so it sits in a pile of mail and then often gets lost,” says Lilian Garcia, CEO of Blitz Medical Billing. “The costs of processing and mailing paper statements continue to go up and we knew there had to be a better solution through digital.” 

With the continual rise of patient deductibles and copays and the diminishing returns of paper statements, Craig Deitch, President of Blitz Medical Billing, says he knew they needed a new strategy to help their customers bring in more revenue without the high costs and long lead times of traditional billing practices. Longtime experts in medical billing and business development, Deitch and Garcia began researching options and were soon referred to Relatient. 

Blitz partnered with Relatient to extend MDpay and Patient Balance Messaging to the medical groups they serve. The patient-first approach to medical billing means patients can see their statements from a text message or email and can make payments from a secure link sent to their mobile devices. “One thing we saw right away is that a lot of patients make instant payments when they receive that text,” says Garcia. “So before that paper statement ever arrives, the patient has already seen the balance, responded, and paid.” 

Blitz says they essentially condensed the billing cycle, reducing A/R days by 20% and driving more revenue for their providers. Since offering MDpay and Patient Balance Messaging, Blitz Medical Billing has increased revenue collections by 15%. Garcia added that for those who “need to touch a paper statement”, the combination of text and the paper statement serves as a form of validation. “Patients may wait to pay until the paper statement arrives, but when it does they think, “ok that text message was real” and they trust it more the next time around.” And for an organization like Blitz who serves medical providers across the United States, a statement delivered via text or email is often less confusing for patients who’s providers aren’t located in Texas and might be thrown by a bill with a Texas return address. 

Blitz attributes other payoffs to digital billing, like fewer patient phone calls and the ability to offer a more seamless experience for both providers and their patients. “Digital billing is so important and needed,” adds Dietch, “and Relatient is leading the way. It’s a great partnership.” 

About Blitz Medical Billing 

Blitz Medical Billing was created by Craig Deitch and Lilian Garcia to lift the burden of paperwork and revenue cycle management so physicians can focus more on their patients—backed by superior, white-glove service. Offering their customers a combination of mobile-first and traditional billing strategies, Blitz ensures their customers account for all their patient demographics, delivering a better patient financial experience and better financial outcomes for providers. 

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