United Regional Physician Group



Deliverables: Reduce patient no-shows 5%-10% depending on specialty •  Recover $12,500 in the first month • Generate $2 in revenue for every $1 invested in patient messaging

Results: 40%-50% reduction in patient no-shows • Recovered $30,000 in the first month • Achieved a 5 to 1 ROI • Additional 100 appointments per week

To meet their goals they needed a new partner to reduce missed appointments.

In 2016 United Regional Physician Group began closely tracking missed appointments to improve patient care, maximize staffing, and increase revenue. Once their no-show rates were clearly identified, they set achievable goals to reduce them to 5% and 10% — depending on specialty type. Despite using a well-known appointment reminder vendor, it became clear that to reach their goal United Regional Physician Group needed a more robust solution with a proven track record of lowering no-show rates. After an exhaustive search, Relatient best met their needs with a great reputation, a meaningful analytics dashboard, and solution set they could grow with.

They recovered $30,000 their first month with Relatient.

United Regional Physician Group wanted to recover about $12,500 per month in revenue lost through missed appointments. The ROI goal was to generate $2 in revenue for every $1 invested in patient messaging services. After just one month, they reduced no-shows by 40% to 50%, recovered $30,000 in lost revenue and achieved an ROI of 5-to-1. Practice-wide missed appointments went from 11% down to 6.6%, with some practice areas showing even more dramatic declines, such as 14.4% to 7.3% in rheumatology.

And everything moved faster, thanks to Relatient’s direct interface to their EHR – which updates in real time, versus the nightly data transfer used by their former vendor. If a provider gets delayed in surgery, an on-demand message can be immediately sent to patients with appointments that day alerting them to the delay. The practice managers particularly appreciate Relatient’s real-time dashboard, which makes it easy to automatically stay on top of the entire process, including patient data-driven automatic health campaign prompts for mammograms, colorectal cancer screenings, flu shots, and other preventive measures. 

We are very pleased with Relatient. In the first month, Relatient delivered an ROI beyond our expectations of 5-to-1! And we’ve received great feedback from patients. Our patients tell us that the email, voice, and text appointment reminder system makes it easier for them to plan their work and lives around medical appointments.

– Maria Avalos, Director, Primary Care & Subspecialty, United Regional Physician Group

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United Regional Physician Group is a multi-specialty medical practice with four locations in north central Texas. It has 60 providers and 212 staff members and is spread across 13 specialties. 

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