The Vancouver Clinic



Deliverables: Further minimize patient no-shows •  Make it easy for staff to verify the content of voice and text messages • Deliver a complete log of a patient’s contact history with the practice

Results: 31% drop in patient no-shows after 6 weeks • 66% drop in patient no-shows after 6 months • Workflows are now contained inside Epic • Staff are automatically alerted of new confirmations, cancelations, and reschedule requests • Reduced incoming patient call volume • Seamless billing for patients and providers 

From the outside, it looked like The Vancouver Clinic had nothing to worry about in managing patient appointments. Their no-show rate was below the U.S. average of 7%.

From inside the practice, however, this excellent result was all the more remarkable – because The Vancouver Clinic’s former messaging provider was more hindrance than help.

Staffers needed to be able to enter known information about patients, such as a phone number or MRN, and quickly retrieve, in real time, a complete electronic log of the patient’s contacts. Moreover, they also needed the capability to review exactly what was stated in voice messages and to read the text of electronic reminders.

The clinic’s previous provider did not provide this level of service, and its customer service department was of little help in overcoming this deficiency.

They found a partner in Relatient

After researching several patient engagement companies, The Vancouver Clinic chose Relatient to solve its problem with access to patient contact information. The result: clinic staff can now quickly pull up complete and up-to-date patient contact information directly within their normal EPIC system views. They are also now automatically alerted about confirmations, reschedule requests and cancellations, along with other pertinent feedback and status changes gathered from the patient outreach.

“Relatient’s commitment to customer care has exceeded our expectation, and by deploying their recommended best-practice strategies we have the added benefit of significantly lower no-show rates!”
Tom O’Neil


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Data flow between the EPIC, Relatient and Vancouver staff was up within a few days, and is automated twice daily from the EPIC solution. Relatient in turn batches all patient responses and securely sends those status updates to the EPIC database three times per day.

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