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Deliverables: Replace manual billing with digital, patient-centered billing •  Integrate with Allscripts • Collect patient co-pays upfront • Reduce the time it takes staff to post payments and manage billing 

Results: 90% of copays are now collected at the time of service • Mobile and in-office payments are auto-posted to patient accounts automatically • Seamless billing

Creating a New Network Meant They Needed Some New Tools

When One Pediatrics was established in 2013, they wanted to create a pediatric experience that offers families the resources of a large network with the high-touch, personal feel of a hometown pediatrician. If combining the staff, systems, and workflows of seven practices wasn’t complicated enough, One Pediatrics was collecting and processing patient payments with a combination of paper statements, phone calls, and manual payment posting. The process was slow and expensive, compounded by the countless phone calls that went into keeping their patient no-show rates low. They knew they needed help effectively engaging their patients throughout the patient journey. 

Trusted Advisor, R1, Led Them to Relatient

Working with their management group, R1, One Pediatrics found Relatient’s patient engagement platform. Integrated with their Allscripts PM system, Relatient’s mobile-first payment solution, MDpay and Patient Balance Messaging, automated the billing process, giving patients the ability to stay informed of their current balances, pay from any web enabled device, and have receipts emailed to them. The auto-posting functionality saves staff time so they can redirect their efforts to tasks that can’t be automated. Relatient’s bi-directional appointment reminders mean that when patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule from the text, email, or voice reminder, One Pediatrics staff can see and act on those responses before a no-show ensues. Reputation Management helps fuel the growth of new patients to One Pediatrics, something that was previously challenging with the presence of a health system in the same region. With the help of Google reviews, delivered via Reputation Management, One Pediatrics’ happy patients now serve as evangelists for the network.  

One Pediatrics practices are level-three patient-centered medical homes, they’re deeply committed to making patient access easy for the parents of their young patients. Sometimes this is access to balance information and easy payments and sometimes this is as simple as reminders for their children’s appointments; we knew R1 and Relatient could help them address many points in the patient journey that were previously burdensome for both their staff and their patients’ families,” shared R1’s Director of Client Success, Michelle Mitchell.

Patient-Centered Engagement Is Driving 90% Patient Copay Collections

Of the many changes One Pediatrics has made with the use of patient-centered engagement, most notable may be their improved ability for One Pediatrics to collect patient copays at the time of the visit. As patient responsibility now accounts for an unprecedented percent of provider revenue, collecting copays and payments are more important than ever.  

Cheryl Sidebottom, Practice Manager for One Pediatrics’ Prospect Pediatrics, told us, “Relatient automates tasks that would otherwise tie up multiple front-desk staff on the phone all day, reminding patients of their appointments or trying to inform them of balances due. It’s hard for a busy practice to stay on top of these things manually. What’s even more is that MDpay makes it easy to see financial and payer information when the patient is checking in—we’re collecting 90% of patient co pays upfront and they’re auto posted to the patient’s account. That’s huge for us.”

Expanding Patient Access with 24/7 Patient Self-Scheduling

Looking to build on the success they’ve achieved with Relatient’s patient-centered engagement platform, One Pediatrics, with the help of R1, is rolling out Relatient’s online scheduling solution to expand access and provide parents and caregivers convenient scheduling access 24/7. 

Julie Breedlove, Practice Manager for the East Louisville division of One Pediatrics told us, “Patient engagement is more important than ever—our patients’ parents are running in so many directions, they don’t have time to reach out to us until 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening, well after we’re closed. We know there are avenues for parents to reach out to us when and how it’s convenient for them—these are avenues we want to offer our patients’ families.”

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