Patient Appointment Reminders

The next-generation medical appointment reminder service to reduce patient no-show rates, lower costs, reduce manual patient outreach, and simplify patient-to-provider communication. 

Ready to Respond to COVID-19 Communication Needs & Rapid Implementation (Including Telehealth Reminders)

What Makes Relatient’s Patient Appointment Reminders Different?

Relatient’s appointment reminder service and best practices lower no-show rates and increase productivity. 
Here are ten ways Relatient does it better than the rest.


Bidirectional Integration

Relatient’s appointment confirmation system notes appointment confirmations directly into your practice management system (when possible). It’s like magic.

Multi-Location Management

Have more than one location? Relatient allows you to see reports, upload, and manage from one instance and one login. This is a must have.

Configurable Reminders

Automated messages based on location, doctor, appointment type, or whether they have more than one appointment. We’ve seen it all.

Self-Service Script Changes

View and edit your text, email, and phone reminder scripts with an easy-to-use editor or contact support if you’d rather.

Telehealth Reminders

Send reminders for your telehealth visits with instructions or a direct link for patients to access their appointment with ease.

No-Show Engagement

You don’t stop when a patient misses their appointment and neither do we. If your system allows, Relatient automates messages to get no-shows rescheduled.

Patient Recalls

Sometimes patients forget to schedule their next appointment. If your system allows, Relatient automatically reaches out to get them on the books.

Two-Way Patient Chat

Relatient includes Messenger with all products so that patients can reply to any appointment confirmation text and start a 2-way chat with the office staff over SMS.

Broadcast Messaging

Last minute changes? Weather delays? Emergencies? Relatient makes it easy to quickly notify your patients and staff – by provider, appointment time or location.

Customer Service

We pick up the phone. We think it’s fundamental, but not everyone does. Our platform is better, but this might be the real reason customers stay.

Bidirectional Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record Integration

80+ Others

“Thanks to the real-time interface between Relatient and Cerner, we now have a dashboard that allows our managers to see patient responses from inside the EHR. This is huge, not only did we drop our no-show rate significantly but the difference is saving us approximately $980,000 in lost revenue annually.”

Jonathan Minson
Lead Software Architect
Oklahoma Heart Hospital

Next Stop, You Decide

Automated appointment reminders are a great foundation to begin thinking about your digital front door strategy and patient journey — we can help.

Customer Story
“Relatient delivered an ROI beyond our expectations of 5-to-1! And we’ve received great feedback from patients. Our patients tell us that the email, voice, and text appointment reminder system makes it easier for them to plan their work and lives around medical appointments.”
Maria Avalos

Director, Primary Care & Subspecialty, United Regional Physician Group

revenue recovered in one month; on track to recover over
in the first year
Mastering Patient-First Communication: A Use Case

Highlights Deliverables: 24/7 self-scheduling access for patients •  Integration with NextGen • Minimize no-shows and last-minute cancelations • Increase appointment confirmation rates • Reduce gaps in care • Communicate critical information to patients quickly and...

Text Reminder with appointment confirmation options

Unlimited Text, Email, and Voice Messages

Paying by the message discourages use, so let Relatient’s patient appointment confirmation service communicate with your patients until your practice is efficient, not until it hurts your bottom line.

Broadcast Messaging

Last minute changes? Weather delays? Emergencies? With On Demand Messaging it’s easy to quickly notify your patients and staff – by provider, appointment time or location.
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