The South Bend Clinic



Deliverables: Replace the previous vendor with reliable patient outreach and responsive support • Reduce patient no-shows • Integrate with NextGen

Results: Approx. 50% drop in patient no-shows • Relatient tech support answers the phone and responds to help requests quickly • No more system downtime • Reduced manual work for staff 

New Leadership Brought Fresh Focus to Being Patient-Centered 

When Kelly Macken-Marble took on her new role as CEO of The South Bend Clinic in 2018, she found some opportunities to refocus and improve the organization’s patient outreach. To do this, she knew she would need to find a patient engagement partner she could really count on. The South Bend Clinic, a multi-specialty, 150-provider group in South Bend, IN has held true to its mission of providing patient-centered, physician-led healthcare since it was founded in 1916, but their current patient engagement vendor wasn’t helping. With frequent downtimes and very little support, The South Bend Clinic needed to make a change. 

“Our patients needed better consistency in a number of areas and I knew something as simple as being able to count on an appointment reminder was the first step in achieving this,” said Macken-Marble. 

Kelly brought in Shannon Hubler as COO that year and the two set to work. Kelly having worked with Relatient at a previous system and Shannon being familiar with Relatient’s leading patient engagement platform, they were able to make their decision quickly. 

“We looked at a few different vendors who provided patient engagement solutions, but we knew no one did it like Relatient. Relatient’s platform means we can add functionality as we build out our strategy and their reputation for being reliable and responsive made our decision pretty easy,” said Hubler. 

Integration, Support, and Hands-On Implementation Were Key

A NextGen customer, The South Bend Clinic needed a solution that could communicate seamlessly with the practice management system so staff would have actionable patient data at their fingertips. Relatient offered a bi-directional integration to NextGen matched with hands-on implementation, training, and long-term support. 

With reliable appointment reminders in place, The South Bend Clinic has been able to reduce patient no-shows from 9-10% to less than 5% and continues to work towards reducing it further. With writebacks that populate into NextGen, clinic staff have the ability to respond to patient response data quickly, whether that’s rescheduling patient appointments or offering a cancelled appointment to another patient.

“Previously, if our appointment reminders went down, we were out-of-luck because our vendor offered very little in the way of responsive support. This meant our clinic staff had to drop everything to make hundreds of phone calls to patients. Relatient’s system is reliable and support is just a phone call away. Our staff don’t even have to think about appointment reminders anymore, they just work.”

Shannon Hubler

COO, The South Bend Clinic

From Reminders to an Integrated Strategy

Now that The South Bend Clinic has been able to establish a consistent patient no-show rate below 5%, they are making plans to expand their patient-centered outreach with added components of Relatient’s patient engagement platform. First priority is Relatient’s Patient Satisfaction Surveys and Reputation Management for gathering real-time patient feedback and activating happy patients into advocates for the organization. The South Bend Clinic also plans to implement Relatient Health Campaigns in 2020 to reduce gaps in care and help patients achieve better adherence to follow-up and preventive care.

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