Relatient ® Messenger

Take advantage of 2-way text messaging and stop playing phone tag with patients.

Messenger picks up where world class automation leaves off, with 2-way chat. Get notified when a patient responds to an automated message wanting a conversation. A patient might respond to an appointment reminder asking for directions or when running late. But, there’s more:

  • Quickly reach out to patients individually, 1-to-1
  • Give patients another way to communicate with your office (SMS)
  • Identify incoming messages by patient contact numbers and preview appointments and remaining balances
  • Share the responsibility, let your team see and respond to messages

Best of all, it’s included with the Relatient patient-engagement platform. Schedule a demo to learn and see more.

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of people prefer SMS over voice as a customer service channel


of patients more likely to recommend a company if it offers SMS messaging

seconds average response time for SMS compared to 90 minutes for email

“When we get caught in the typical phone tag that tends to happen we’ve found patients respond quicker to our text messages rather than our voicemails – making it more convenient for patients and quicker on the staff! Believe it or not, patients DO respond to texting!”

Ashley, Office Manager
Obstetrics & Gynecology P.C. Specialists

Text Patients with Ease

Two-way communication between patients and staff has never been so convenient or easy. Patients can simply reply to any automated reminder and staff will get notified in the patient chat window or via email (after 10 min).  Too busy? Anyone on staff with access can view and reply to messages.

No Phone Tag!

No one likes playing phone tag, being put on hold, or being instantly available to whoever calls whenever they do, patients or staff. Relatient helps everyone avoid it by making 2-way texting with the office easily accessible to patients and staff. Patients can send a text message anytime, day or night, and be confident someone will see it when they have the chance. Office staff can quickly reply without dedicating their full attention or waiting for a patient to pick up the phone.

Unify Your Patient Communication

Messenger works across the Relatient platform tying together Appointment Reminders, Demand Messaging, Surveys, Patient Self-Scheduling, eRegistration and Health Campaigns with 2-way texting messages.  The tool easily manages these communications along the patient journey enabling conversations the way patients want.  Patients respond more quickly and at higher rates, in the 30-40% range, saving everyone time and reducing inconvenience.