Secure Messaging

A true HIPAA-Compliant chat solution for patient communication. 
Patient registering for their appointment on their phone.

HIPAA-Compliant Patient Chat

When it comes to patient outreach, nothing comes close to the ease and effectiveness of texting. Unfortunately, SMS is not HIPAA-compliant for sharing protected health information (PHI) and most conversations still require a phone call. With Relatient patient’s and clinicians now have a choice. Start a conversation with text and initiate a secure chat with a unique link and authorization when you need to safely exchange insurance info, documents, test results, or images. For patients all from their mobile device.  

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Two-Way Chat - Bundled with Relatient Solutions

  • Send and received SMS texts
  • See responses to automated outreach
Standard in the Appointment Reminders Bundle for All Relatient Customers

Two-Way Chat with Secure Messaging - Upgrade

  • Send and received SMS texts
  • See responses to automated outreach
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Send and receive secure messages
  • Receive patients photos
  • Send files through chat
  • Two-factor patient authentication
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Relatient Secure Messaging

Part of a Comprehensive Digital Front Door Strategy for Healthcare

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