Eight Strategies to Improve Flu Vaccine Compliance {Infographic}

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Last year the flu caused over 900,000 hospitalizations and 80,000 deaths. We already have the beginning confirmations of influenza here in Middle Tennessee,  before we know it flu season will be in full swing. Every year healthcare organizations must work to dispel common myths about the flu vaccine and arm their patients with accurate information. Digital health campaigns make this easier by triggering relevant information to specific patients based on clinical EHR data. Medical groups use this technology to help patients with chronic conditions better manage their diseases and to remind patients when they are due for preventative care like screenings and vaccines.  Digital health campaigns can go beyond simple reminders by sending little bites of truth to patients, truth that can direct patients to better information, disarm the myths that deter patients from getting appropriate care, and motivate patients to take action. Below are some common myths we know often dissuade patients from getting the flu vaccine along with eight strategies for using a digital health campaign to set the record straight. You can also jump right to the infographic

Five Common Myths About the Flu Vaccine:

  • Healthy people don’t need a flu vaccine
  • Anti-virals like Tamiflu mean the flu vaccine isn’t necessary
  • The flu is nothing more than a bad cold
  • People get sick from the flu vaccine
  • The flu vaccine isn’t effective 

Eight Strategies for Improving Flu Vaccine Compliance with a Digital Health Campaign

  • Address myths head-on. Ex: “did you know you cannot get flu from the flu vaccine?”
  • Offer concise bits of information to help patients. Ex: did you know it takes 2 weeks for the flu vaccine to take full effect against the flu virus?
  • Offer quick walk-in appointments for flu vaccines and use a digital health campaign to make sure your patients know it will be a quick and easy process.
  • Help patients grasp the “why”. Ex: “patients who get the flu after receiving a flu vaccine report dramatically shorter duration and less severe symptoms.”
  • Create awareness with statistics and remind patients how their community can be affected by the flu.
  • Remove the unknown- whether a patient thinks they can’t afford the vaccine or doesn’t believe their schedule will allow them to stop by your office, a digital health campaign is a great way to eliminate the unknown.
  • Invite patients to a flu clinic. Offering dedicated flu clinic hours can it make it easy for patients to walk in, get a vaccine, and walk back out. Consider a flu clinic and use a digital health campaign to spread the word.
  • Ease anxiety- some of your patients may not be aware that the flu vaccine is available as a nasal mist. Calm their fears of injections and offer the mist instead.

Because we know how much you love a great visual, we created an infographic with some sample messaging you can reference when writing digital health campaign messages. You can download the full infographic here. Wondering how you can add digital health campaigns to your patient engagement strategy? Request a demo and we’ll show you how.

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