Practice Managers Are Leading the Way to Patient-Centered Engagement

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Healthcare is changing fast and unfortunately most people don’t handle change well — Practice Managers are the ones tasked with guiding doctors, staff, and patients through the changes. At Relatient we work with Practice Managers everyday and are constantly impressed by how demanding, pivotal, and technical their role has become. If you are or know someone who is a Practice Manager, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Practice Managers require a unique set of skills to handle it all:

  • Great at problem solving
  • Good with managing people, specially difficult patients and staff
  • Adept at handling insurance challenges
  • Knowledge of the complexities in healthcare, billing, EHRs and PMs
  • Ability to see big picture and get in the weeds
  • Handle stress and emergencies well
  • Identify business opportunities and improve processes
  • A great sense of humor (from our experience)
  • Quick learner

Practice Managers do a lot of work, yet when done well it’s often invisible. Unfortunately, much of their time is spent with the patients, staff, and vendors that have a problem. It’s a thankless job — yet we’ve personally never come across a Practice Manager that does not love what they do and who does not take great pride in their work. They deserve a great deal of credit.

Practice Managers are pivotal to a patient’s experience and the success of a practice. Additionally, Practice Managers are revolutionizing the way patients interact with their providers:

These are big impactful changes and yet patient engagement is only part of the job, the day to day never slows down!

At Relatient we consider it our job to help Practice Managers and other administrators implement patient-centered engagement to handle all patient outreach and automate it so that they have more time to do everything else. More than that, we know it can be hard to see the impact so to give credit where it’s due the Relatient dashboard clearly tracks the value of taking a patient-centered approach in terms of revenue created/recaptured, patient satisfaction, and more.

If you’re a Practice Manager or Office Administrator, thank you for all that you do.

James Kanka
Marketing Director at Relatient

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