Relatient and AxiaMed Partner for a Better Patient Billing Experience


MDpay was already the easiest way for patients to get notified, see and pay their bill. MDpay now integrates to AxiaMed’s Payment Fusion platform to provide practices and patients with the most secure, efficient, and flexible options available in payments technology.

Get paid faster and reduce administrative costs and hassles!

  • Practices can accept credit cards within the MDpay software interface resulting in real time updating of ledger balances. Multi-­location accounts are supported providing flexible billing and reporting capabilities.
  • Manual errors and inefficiencies are removed as MDpay Office communicates securely with industry leading Ingenico terminals. The most advanced payment options include EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, and Android Pay (NFC).
  • Additionally, the AxiaMed integration also supports MDpay Messaging and Web solutions providing the most convenient options available to pay bills.

The healthcare industry is a prime target for criminals. This integration with AxiaMed offers practices unrivaled protection in three ways:

  • Integrated EMV card devices for an additional level of authentication at the point of sale which helps reduce card-­present fraud.
  • Cloud-­based architecture that isolates sensitive payment data outside of the practice.
  • Mitigates risk exposure to the lowest level set by PCI-­DSS standards

 If you haven’t yet seen a demo of MDpay, it’s time.

The Future of Patient Billing: MDpay