Medical Groups Use Demand Messaging to Keep Patients & Staff Informed During Hurricane Florence

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Relatient customers on the Outer Banks turned to Relatient’s Demand Messaging today to broadcast schedule changes and early clinic closings to patients and staff, freeing them up to get home while it was still safe to travel.

Hurricane Florence is here and her winds, rain, and storm surge are already beating on the coastal areas of the Carolinas. As our customers, who include medical groups, physician practices, and urgent care centers, prepare for the worst they are embracing technology to keep their patients and staff informed.

When weather threatens its worst, providers, clinicians, and healthcare professionals are often reluctant to close. Committed to their patients, they’ll stay open for as long as possible; which means that when it’s time to cry “uncle” and close up early, they need to inform patients quickly and get their staff out of harm’s way.

Demand Messaging gives practices the ability to send text messages, email, and voice calls to hundreds of patients and staff with the click of a button.

In addition to clinic closures and schedule changes, here are some additional suggestions for utilizing Demand Messaging during a weather crisis like Hurricane Florence:

  1. After a major event, notify your patients where they can access emergency care
  2. Notify patients when you plan to re-open your clinic
  3. Inform patients if your communication system goes out and how they can get a hold of someone if needed
  4. Notify patients if your clinic has to relocate its operations temporarily and how you can be accessed
  5. Notify staff of any updates, including post-event conditions, schedules, and need they can fill

We are committed to supporting our customers during these events with additional support hours and on-call staff. If you lose power and are unable to access the Relatient portal, please call us at (866) 473-8160 and we will help you get messages to your patients and staff.

How are you using Demand Messaging? Email me your story at

Make text, email and voice an integral part of your patient engagement.