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Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians Group Lowers Patient No-Shows, Saves Nearly $1 Million Annually 

Patient No-Shows Were Costing Them Real Money

Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) Physicians Group knew no-shows were more than an annoyance, they were costing revenue and productivity. Their 6.5% no-show rate was below the national average but it wasn’t low enough for them.

OHH Physicians Group was using a common automated appointment reminder solution but found the data was difficult to access. Chief Information Officer, Michelle Mullins, could see they needed a solution that worked seamlessly with Cerner in order to achieve the efficiency their system required.

Jonathan Minson, Lead Software Architect for Oklahoma Heart Hospital, told us, “prior to Relatient, patient response data was difficult to access. This made it really hard for our staff to know which patients needed to reschedule and which appointments to backfill.”

Relatient’s Direct API to Cerner Set a New Standard

With Relatient, staff supporting more than 60 clinic locations can see when they need to reschedule a patient appointment or backfill a gap in the schedule, without leaving Cerner’s practice management software. Thanks to a dedicated implementation team, the go-live process was seamless and the physician-owned system saw immediate results—they dropped their no-show rate by 21% in the first month.

“Thanks to the real-time interface between Relatient and Cerner, we now have a dashboard that allows our managers to see patient responses from inside the EHR. This is huge, not only did we drop our no-show rate significantly but the difference is saving us approximately $980,000 in lost revenue annually.”

Jonathan Minson, Lead Software Architect, Oklahoma Heart Hospital

About Oklahoma Heart Physicians Group

Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians Group is one of the nation’s largest groups of cardiovascular specialists. With over 100 providers, they care for patients in more than 60 clinics and hospital locations across the state of Oklahoma. They receive national recognition for quality and patient satisfaction. Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians Group uses Cerner, with which Relatient is directly integrated for continuous, real time updates.  


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    • Patient response data was difficult to access

    • The previous appointment reminder system was weakly integrated with Cerner

    • Keeping appointment schedules up-to-date was time-intensive and frustrating for staff.


    • $980,000 saved annually in lost revenue

    • 21%  decline in no-show rate

    • Direct API Integration with Cerner

    • Positive response from patients

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