As They Build Their Digital Front Door Strategy, Nebraska Cancer Specialists Starts With Appointment Reminders & Surveys, Sees Immediate Results


They Needed Flexibility and a Strong Integration To Reach Their Goals

Nebraska Cancer Specialists was working with a known patient engagement vendor but feeling stuck by the rigid limitations of the technology and little interest from the vendor to make improvements. For Nebraska’s leading community oncology practice, this was problematic because helping patients navigate the complexities of cancer care requires robust patient engagement and a commitment to ongoing product improvement.

They Needed a Partner

Nebraska Cancer Specialists wanted a collaborative partner that was willing to think outside the box and would be receptive to their insights about product development. Kristi McHugh, Manager for Nebraska Cancer Specialists, went looking for an organization that would break the mold. She told us, “we needed a partner that was able to integrate with Centricity and was also interested in working with us to meet our unique needs and wanted our feedback for ongoing product improvement.”

Relatient Answered the Call

Relatient provided Nebraska Cancer Specialists a comprehensive patient communication engine that would help them connect all the touch points of the ambulatory patient journey and is committed to collaboration to ensure they are able to accomplish their patient engagement objectives. The staggered implementation began with Appointment Reminders and Surveys to reduce no-shows and build an online presence with patient reviews. MDpay and Patient Self-Scheduling are their next implementations, bringing together a suite of solutions that complement each other and elevate ROI.

Results In The First Month!

After just a month using Relatient Appointment Reminders and Surveys, Nebraska Cancer Specialists are seeing significant results. They dropped their no-show rate by 47.8% and increased the quantity of their online reviews from zero to 65 for the organization as a whole. For Nebraska Cancer Specialists, this is important beyond the goal of maximizing efficiency because minimizing patient no-shows helps drive patient compliance, which is key to helping oncology patients achieve successful treatment outcomes.* Patient no-shows also create lost revenue, but the drastic reduction in patient no-shows means Nebraska Cancer Specialists can keep the schedule full and further strengthen their financial health.

“Relatient gives us flexibility and product experts to walk us through implementation and provide support after go-live. Helping our patients navigate their cancer treatment is vital to providing the level of care and service we’ve committed to providing. Relatient helps us do this by keeping us connected to our patients through automation and patient-centered technology—we’re excited to build on the immediate ROI from this investment.”   – Kristi McHugh, Manager, Nebraska Cancer Specialists

*Journal of Clinical Oncology

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  • Previous vendor’s technology was too limiting, difficult to work with

  • No avenue for building online reviews from patient surveys

  • Fragmented patient engagement processes


  • 47.8% decrease in patient no-shows in one month

  • Optimized provider schedules
  • Immediate growth of online reviews

  • Integration with Centricity practice management software  

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