Pediatric Practice Improves Vaccine Compliance Using Automated Messaging

They were doing it all and it was too much.

This Level 1 PCMH Pediatric group utilized in-house staff to make direct phone calls with critical messages and reminders to their patient base. The process was inconsistent and labor intensive. The team needed a quick and easy way to push communication out to patients and staff.

Relatient helped them automate and grow

They chose Relatient after evaluating Greenway compatible solutions. Now patients who are behind on wellness visits or completion of recommended vaccines are prompted to make an appointment through automated outreach. Since implementation, completed vaccination compliance rates have rapidly improved in excess of 30%, adding revenue to the bottom line.

Relatient shined during one bad winter storm after it took only minutes to alert all personnel and patients of delayed clinic openings. Previously, the clinics spent hours manually communicating unforeseen circumstances.

Relatient Patient Satisfaction Surveys now allow their patients and care providers an easy way to engage by suggesting how their interactions with clinicians and staff could be more impactful.

Relatient is so easy to use that it has revolutionized our practice. We heavily utilize the Health Campaign Manager to keep our patients and their caregivers informed of overdue wellness exams and of vaccination schedules that need to be completed. Relatient allows us to quickly segment our patient population for critical health outreach campaigns that allow us to meet our PCMH requirements while maintaining an engaged and healthy patient population.” Practice Manager

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  • Manual and time-consuming processes
  • Inability to send broadcast messages to patients in emergencies or inclement weather
  • Inability to collect electronic patient payments


  • Increased vaccine compliance by 30%
  • Increased revenue with added appointments
  • Reduced no-shows
  • Improved staff productivity

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