Children’s Hospital on Epic Lowers Patient No-Shows

Nearly 1 in 5 Patients Didn’t Show for Their Appointments

One of the largest pediatric hospitals in the United States was using appointment reminders but still facing an 18%-20% no-show rate. Their existing appointment reminder system was pushing messages to patients but lacked the ability for patients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule. Clinic staff, providers, and management were all frustrated—they had no ability to predict the daily patient flow and it was costing them efficiency and revenue.

Their Outpatient Access Manager took lead of finding a new solution. She told us, “without the ability to respond to reminders, patients had to dial-in to our call center to cancel or reschedule an appointment—if they got frustrated by the phone tree or put on hold, they often gave up and became a no-show.”

They Didn’t Want a Vendor—They Wanted a Partner

A task force assembled to seek out and evaluate the best the industry has to offer. They knew they would require a robust integration to Epic, strong technical support, and an organization that understood the value of creating long-term, valuable relationships with customers. After comparing their top contenders and speaking with some other health systems, they chose Relatient.

The children’s hospital medical group went live with Appointment Reminders and Demand Messaging in mid-November 2018 and saw immediate results. Within six weeks of their go-live, the 150 plus provider system dropped their no-show rate to 13%—a 27% decrease.

“Relatient’s dedicated project managers really made this feel like a partnership. Knowing we were on a first-name basis with people who could help and and who would respond quickly was so important to our success.”

-Outpatient Access Manager

Integration Was Key To Success

This nationally recognized health system has reclaimed efficiency in their clinics and call center, thanks to an integration with Epic that sends patient responses directly to their EHR. They tell us this has drastically reduced the volume of patients calling into their call center and saves them hours every day. They’re also able to see more patients daily because they know which patients need rescheduling and which appointments to backfill—optimizing their schedule for patient care and revenue.

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Appointment Reminder Integration with Epic EHR Case Study
27% Decrease in No-Shows


  • Inundated call center was having trouble managing inbound call volume

  • Patient frustrations with the call center hold times were driving patient no-shows

  • Previous appointment reminders lacked the capability for patients to respond


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