Relatient Shows Up Strong in The KLAS 2019 Patient Engagement Ecosystem Report


The KLAS Patient Engagement Ecosystem Report 

KLAS just released their first annual Patient Engagement Ecosystem Report, which offers a deep dive into how well health IT companies are aligned with healthcare’s patient engagement needs. Defining patient engagement isn’t an easy task, much less evaluating how well the industry is aligned to it. It’s a big space crowded with companies claiming to meet some or all of the needs related to patient engagement. It’s important to note that in order to get an initial handle on some of these big questions, KLAS introduces the report with self-reported vendor data. There are 80 HIT capabilities outlined in KLAS’ patient engagement framework, of which they asked each vendor in the space to report if and how they meet the needs of each one of those capabilities. In future reports, KLAS plans to validate these vendor claims and provide further insight into performance. 

Performance Data Tells the Real Story 

Past the high-level observations about alignment lies validated performance data from KLAS’ interviews with vendor customers. This is where there’s significant value for providers and healthcare leaders who are looking for help as they navigate this crowded marketplace. This data is a reflection of in-depth, candid customer conversations, kept anonymous from each vendor. Vendors provide KLAS a list of their customers and KLAS randomly selects which customers to interview over a span of time, being sure the feedback represents key decision-makers. 

Relatient is extremely proud to be included in this representation of the top patient engagement vendors, coming in as the top performer with an overall performance score of 93.5 at the time this report was published. As of today, November 18, 2019, Relatient’s overall performance score is 95.6, a reflection of our unyielding commitment to deliver results to our customers. 

    We Still Have Work To Do

    KLAS does an excellent job of bringing it back to the initial reason this sector of healthcare IT exists in the first place: the patient. In an industry that seeks to better meet the needs of patients, KLAS reminds us that this space is still largely provider-centric. This is especially true in the metrics used to measure success, where provider-centric KPI’s like efficiency, patient satisfaction scores, and improved financial outcomes are reported most often. There’s still work to be done to shift these measures to patient-centric results, like clinical outcomes and better adherence to follow-up and preventive health. This is partly because those statistics are harder to acquire from customers and there’s usually a lag time in that kind of reporting. Still, as we continue to tackle patient-centered solutions for providers, making a shift to measuring patient-aligned outcomes will be important.

    About KLAS 

    KLAS Research is a healthcare IT data and insights company providing the industry with accurate, honest, and impartial research on the software and services used by providers and payers worldwide. KLAS works to validate vendor data by conducting in-depth interviews with a representative sample of vendor customers, asking questions about the customer experience from beginning to end and every point in between. Those who participate in one of these interviews get complimentary access to the annual Best in KLAS report that is released in the first quarter of every year. 

    Not only does KLAS help fuel transparency among healthcare IT vendors, it also helps guide industry conversations and keeps a pulse on changing trends for healthcare leaders. KLAS shares their findings in a variety of industry reports and invites major players from each sector of healthcare IT to participate in conversations related to the most important industry topics at hand. 

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