Meet Debbie Crook, Our New Director of Customer Success


“I’m some combination of glue and WD-40,” Debbie said to the company describing the new role of Director of Customer Success. “Customer success is sticky, it creates cohesion between many contributors and it’s like the oil that keeps the gears of communication turning smoothly, ensuring our customers find continuous support and value from us. I’m here to have an ear to the ground, to streamline the customer experience and relay their pain points, delights, and stories as we learn from our customers.”

Her analogy perfectly depicted the function of customer success at Relatient – something we talk about a lot but have not always excelled at. I’m happy to report that’s not the case anymore. 

She was also reminding me of our customers. The admins that hold their practices together and create cohesion for the staff while also eliminating unnecessary steps for patients. 

Being Customer-Minded   

“I’m so excited to have Debbie join our team as the Director of Customer Success”, says Michele Perry, Relatient’s CEO, “we are making an investment in the long-term success of our customers by sharing best practices, streamlining the customer experience, and ensuring customers see maximum value from our products. Debbie will be instrumental in making this happen.”

Debbie brings with her years of experience in Healthcare IT and has big plans for her work with our customers. She’ll use regular business reviews and satisfaction data to establish new channels of communication with our users so Relatient’s customers realize big wins from their partnerships with us.  

Welcome to the team Debbie, we’re so glad you’re here!

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