CEO Spotlight: Michele Perry on iHeartMedia


From beginning her career with IBM to leading rapid-growth start-ups and her vision for making patient access easy, Relatient CEO, Michele Perry,  covers it all in a recent interview with John Dinkel, host of iHeartMedia’s podcast series, CEO’s You Should Know.

On rapid growth, Michele says it’s important that early-stage companies don’t confuse motion with progress and stresses the importance of communication, hiring the right talent, and making the vision clear. 

Hire the right people and give them a map of where you’re going and they should be able to get there,” Michele says of how she empowers employees and leaders within Relatient to  move the company in the
right direction.

On Relatient’s mission, Michele stresses that improving patient access is key to helping providers retain their patients and provide more comprehensive care. The continuum is interrupted when patients elect to access care in walk-in clinics, a popular choice among patients as a result of common barriers to access like phone tag, normal business hours, lengthy wait times, and forgetfulness.

Relatient’s patient engagement platform is meeting healthcare’s need for easy access with solutions that aren’t dependent on patient adoption, rather Relatient uses technology patients have already adopted via mobile devices to push relevant information to them. Relatient meets the need by giving patients the ability to:

These things in turn result in lower costs and fewer errors for healthcare organizations, alleviating them of manual and redundant work and dedicated FTE’s for scheduling and answering phone calls as well as driving happier patients, more revenue, and higher productivity.

“You or I want to…check our bank accounts [and] schedule our flights at 8:00 or 9:00 at night, we want to be able to make doctors appointments that easily [too].”

Michele Perry, CEO, Relatient

Listen to John and Michele’s conversation below.


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