Does Changing Your Practice Management System Mean You Have to Change Patient Engagement Vendors, Too?


There are many reasons medical groups, hospitals, and healthcare organizations switch up their practice management systems. New technology, acquisitions and mergers, and regulatory changes are just a few of these reasons. Regardless of why you decide to make a change, at some point in time you’ll likely purchase a new practice management system. But does changing your practice management system mean you should toss out your other software solutions, like your patient engagement software, as well?

Probably not. Because switching up all your systems at once not only makes for more work, longer implementation timelines, and added cost but it also puts you at risk of interrupting your staff’s daily workflows and the communication to and from patients.

We help customers navigate these changes a lot and we’ve answered some consistent questions along the way. Here’s a quick self-check to help you navigate the transition to a new practice management system.

Can my current patient engagement vendor integrate with my new practice management system?

If you’re a Relatient customer, the answer more than likely a resounding, “yes!” Relatient has over 85 EHR/PM system integrations so our customers can use our industry-leading patient engagement platform regardless of which practice management system they are using. 

Do I still love my patient engagement system?

If your existing patient engagement solution integrates with the PM system you’ll be moving to and you love your current solution, there’s really no reason to make a change. You’ve got a good thing going—maintaining your current patient engagement solution will provide both your employees and your patients a level of consistency that’s harder to provide when you make a lot of change at the same time.

If you’ve been frustrated with your patient engagement system, be sure you’ve shared that with your vendor. You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence, a great partner is committed to making things right—they just need the chance to do it.

If you’re a Relatient customer, you have a world-class support team at your service. They average less than 24-hour resolution time and because Relatient only works with healthcare organizations, they understand and are ready to resolve any glitches that may arise.

“When Relatient has a hiccup, they are responsive.  They also own their mistakes…I like that…and won’t stop working until any hiccup is cured.” Lucien W. Roberts, III, MHA. FACMPE, Administrator, Gastrointestinal Specialists, Inc.  

If at any point in time you feel like you’re not getting the resolution you need from Relatient, simply ask our support team to elevate your request to our Customer Success team and they’ll be happy to help.

My new practice management vendor says I have to use their patient engagement partner. What should I do?

Ask your current patient engagement vendor if they integrate with the new practice management system you’re planning to use.

Many practice management systems have a marketplace of vendors they have vetted and recommend, Relatient is in many of these marketplaces. Some practice management vendors have very limited marketplaces and only partner with a few vendors—this usually doesn’t mean you can’t use your favorite patient engagement vendor, it just means they haven’t vetted them yet. If the two systems can integrate, you should be able to keep your current patient engagement system.

My practice management vendor has built-in appointment reminders and they’re offering them for free. Shouldn’t I take advantage of a great deal?

Not necessarily. Practice management systems are vital to the day-to-day operations of your clinic or organization and they offer exceptional value to you because they are designed and built with the staff’s needs in mind.

Patient engagement on the other hand is designed using patient habits and behaviors—it’s patient-centered. You need both in order to achieve the access, satisfaction, and efficiency of patient engagement and the operational excellence offered by a practice management system. So while your practice management vendor may have an appointment reminder solution, it isn’t likely to perform at the same level, work well with other patient engagement solutions like self-scheduling, eRegistration, or Health Campaigns, or provide you the same results available with a solution that’s been designed by a patient engagement platform expert, like Relatient.

What if I know I want to switch practice management systems and keep my patient engagement vendor but I haven’t started the evaluation process yet?

Even better. The patient engagement partner you love is likely a great resource for you in this process because they work closely with healthcare organizations like yours and the practice management vendors you’re likely to consider. This means they should have a good handle on which practice management vendors have great customer service, robust integrations, painless go-lives, and more.

Our customers look to Relatient for help starting this process because we can point them in the right direction based on specialty, structure, volume, and marketplace reputation. While we would never tell you which vendor to choose, we can help you narrow your list and jumpstart your evaluation process.

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