University Physicians’ Association Is Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management with Relatient

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Franklin, Tennessee — University Physicians’ Association, Inc. (UPA), located in Knoxville, Tennessee and serving over 475 physicians with medical billing services across East Tennessee, has selected Relatient’s MDpay solution to optimize their revenue cycle management (RCM) services through their Central Billing Office (CBO) and offer patients electronic and mobile payment options.

MDpay offers both a patient-facing payment interface and a unique solution for central billing offices. The CBO solution provides visibility to patient balances across multiple customer accounts and allows patients to pay multiple charges to multiple locations using a single transaction. Payments are divided on the backend among merchant accounts and funds directed accordingly while the patient receives a single receipt for the transaction. CBO staff no longer have to log in and out of multiple systems to complete these types of transactions, increasing their productivity and their ability to handle payment transactions, and giving the patient a much better experience.

“Because of the unique structure of our business, it was more complex for us to find a vendor to accommodate our need in being able to service a large variety of physician practices”, said Christy Bailey, VP Client Strategy & Revenue Operations for UPA. “We are not just one entity collecting for ourselves, we are working on behalf of multiple groups who have hired us to manage the revenue cycle. As we searched the market, most companies didn’t have the flexibility that we needed to accommodate 100+ different groups and to manage what each of those groups would need. I chose Relatient for their customization. It is seamless and has real-time integration with our software, which keeps our collecting initiatives real-time. Because with it being real-time, we are able to collect debt faster and can hopefully collect more.”

University Physicians’ Association, Inc. is physician-owned and has been providing physicians and their staff administrative solutions for over 25 years. As part of their service offering, they provide revenue cycle management to medical groups and take patient payments over the phone through their Central Billing Office. Relatient Patient Balance Messaging will offer web and mobile payment options to UPA practices and their patients for the first time; MDpay will give their Central Billing Office visibility to patient accounts across all UPA customers and the ability to manage multiple accounts and payments for a patient with one transaction.

Relatient CEO, Michele Perry, said, “University Physicians’ Association is a valuable resource to hundreds of physicians across East Tennessee, and we’re really excited to be partnering with them. Revenue cycle management used to be primarily about collecting reimbursement from insurance companies but patients now carry an unprecedented portion of the financial burden and it has changed the face of these services. Relatient is particularly well-suited for large organizations like UPA that serve many independent physicians and medical groups. The ability to provide both patient-facing payment solutions and optimization for the central billing office has the potential to significantly change the way UPA provides value to its customers”.

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About University Physicians’ Association, Inc

University Physicians’ Association, Inc. (UPA) is East Tennessee’s comprehensive resource, created to serve the business and practice management needs of physicians. Partnership with UPA assures physicians of a seamless, knowledge-based approach by providing reliable services customized to meet their unique needs and challenges.  UPA is physician established, physician owned, and physician trusted since 1995. To learn more, visit

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