[Podcast] Relatient CEO, Michele Perry, on Redefining the Patient Journey


How do we marry the patient journey with emerging technology and protect patient privacy at the same time? 

Relatient CEO, Michele Perry, explores this question and others related to it in a recent podcast interview with Future Health Today’s Peter Jacobs. The rapidly-shifting healthcare landscape means hospitals, providers, and health IT vendors have to be more agile than ever. Michele and Peter shed some light on the forces behind some of healthcare’s big changes and how we can expect them to impact both patients and providers. For starters, Michele says healthcare consumerization is driving much of the change we are currently seeing.

“If you look at what’s going on in the last year with companies like Amazon getting into the market with the acquisition of PillPack, with the CVS-Aetna merger and things like that, there are big changes underfoot and practices are realizing that they’re going to be left behind if they don’t really focus on the patient journey and making it easy that way.”

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Peter also asked Michele how healthcare leaders can get the most out of their investments in technology. Michele’s advice is to augment the patient portal and create one integrated patient experience. 

“People made big investments in the patient portals and those are some secure places that just aren’t being accessed very much. So, augment that with a good patient communication platform. That can make it easy for the patient, to be driving them through texts and voicemails and e-mails easily to the portal to get things accomplished.” 

To hear what else Michele and Peter had to say about barriers to access, the risks of moving too quickly, and how to ensure security and confidentiality, listen to the podcast (it’s at the bottom of the Q&A).

Make text, email and voice an integral part of your patient engagement.