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We recently published our definitive guide to patient self-scheduling software, Why Patient Self-Scheduling: Healthcare Trends & Getting Started. We love the convenience of housing information like this on our website, but we know that information like this is handy to read in PDF format, so we turned it into an eBook.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive review of patient self-scheduling software, we’ve got you covered. And I mean covered. We compiled all the research and looked at all sides of this conversation so you could have it all in one place. Why you should love it, why some people may resist it, what vendors will say about it, how to pick the best option for your organization, and why any of this matters in the first place. Here’s a little peek:

Executive Summary:

  • Patient Self-Scheduling will quickly become a patient expectation as adoption increases and the demand for self-service and convenient access continues to grow.
  • Patient access can be complicated by multiple barriers, including finances, hours of operation, transportation, and wait time for an appointment. Self-scheduling can address the most significant barriers to access.
  • Medical group staff are over-extended and in need of margin to focus on emerging initiatives and financial priorities. Automation is key in creating this margin.
  • While patients are anxiously awaiting self-scheduling, having a defined strategy for introducing self-scheduling to your patient population will be important in achieving the results it can offer.   Concerns and hesitations are to be expected with new technology, though thoughtful product design should address these.
  • Self-scheduling software will have the greatest impact to a medical practice when matched with industry best practices.
  • Not all self-scheduling solutions are created equal, be sure you know what to look for in the marketplace.
  • There are some easy ways to impact pricing and create greater value for you and the vendor you select.

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