Why We Survey Our Patients: One Women’s Health Group’s Story


Growing a medical practice isn’t easy. Patients can find extensive information on their healthcare options with one Google search and the digital nature of our patient health information means it’s a lot less hassle to switch providers than it used to be. We recently talked with Theresa Lage of Obstetrics and Gynecology Care Associates about these challenges and how her practice adopted patient surveys as a means of gaining insight into how patients choose and stay with their medical practice. Theresa joined the two-provider practice in Bloomington, IL in 2016 as their Marketing Coordinator, responsible for the outreach and growth of the practice as well as the management of patient feedback and satisfaction. Obstetrics and Gynecology Care Associates is provider-owned, which means they look to referrals from primary care and internal medicine physicians in the community, word-of-mouth referrals from their patients, and local outreach to grow their practice. However, formal processes for measuring, reporting, and acting on patient satisfaction had yet to be established.

Theresa said, “I realized that we were guessing as to why patients come or go from our practice or what they do and don’t like about their care. I knew we needed data to know what patients are truly thinking”. 

Consumers are giving greater weight to online reviews and resources when deciding who to trust for their medical care, which means practices big and small are relying on the feedback of their existing patients to ensure they are meeting patient needs. Patient-centered practices, like Obstetrics and Gynecology Care Associates, are utilizing technology built around patient habits to capture feedback within days of an office visit, giving them the opportunity to make decisions about their processes, communication, and patient-experience based on data rather than assumption.

Relatient Surveys Was A “No-Brainer”

Theresa told us that she looked at a couple survey vendors but it was clear that working with Relatient was their best option. The practice was already using Relatient’s Appointment Reminders to reduce no-shows and they were able to go live with surveys in less than a week.

“I know it can be difficult sometimes to convince administrators to make investments like this, but in my case, it went really smoothly. Leadership saw the value immediately.”

Obstetrics and Gynecology Care Associates started with Relatient’s Visit Survey, which offers the benefit of comparable benchmark data, something that was particularly important to Theresa. She told us,

“I know customizing things can be nice, but using the standard survey gives us the ability to benchmark against other practices. This was really important to us.”

We are excited to see how practices are using real-time patient feedback to better care for their patients and provide world-class clinic experiences.

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