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Why Patient Self-Scheduling: Healthcare Trends & Getting Started

Patients want 24/7 access and self-service.

Patient expectations look a little different these days, thanks to consumer industries that honed-in on how consumers want to interact with businesses and made it happen. Now it’s healthcare’s turn to take note of what we can learn from these examples and provide patients the kind of experience they really want with tools for engaging with their providers regardless of time of day and without portals, apps, and log-ins. See how healthcare organizations are using mobile-first strategies to empower patients and expand patient access and keep their schedules full.

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  • How patient expectations are changing and redefining patient access
  • Benefits of self-scheduling and automated waitlists
  • Why self-scheduling is so important for your staff
  • Best practices for getting the most out of a self-scheduling investment
  • How to navigate the marketplace
  • A vendor checklist to help you compare your top vendor picks objectively

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