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Relatient was recommended to us by our EMR system (Medical Mastermind) and the entire process was incredibly easy. The organization of the 45 day plan was wonderful, it made it easy to always know where we were in the process. Travis was incredibly helpful throughout the process and the weekly calls were always very informative. We spent 2 years fighting with our EMR about appointment reminders that were not how we wanted and we were unable to customize. The customization process was exactly what we were looking for. At this point, we are very happy with the portal system and the ability to track all the reminders sent out. It’s great being able to pull up the exact reminder someone has received to prove they did not get a text message saying their appointment was 9:30 when it was actually 8:00. Overall, our office is very pleased with the set up process and reminder services, it really is something we do not have to spend much time worrying about. And we already have noticed a great decrease in the number of people who do not keep their appointments. Before, about 6 people a day would miss their appointments and now we’re down to maybe 1 or 2 people doing so.
Jordan Fisher

IT Manager, Airpark Primary Care